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X-Factor: Big Band Week

by Shari Kelvin

It was ‘Big Band’ night on Saturday’s X-Factor with all eyes being on the finalists as they were to perform live with a 35-piece orchestra.

The pressure was on for all to see this week.

You absolutely had to “bring it”, according to Simon, Cheryl Cole couldn’t bear "the smugness any longer", and Louis Walsh was back and in full Simon-bashing mode while Danni left the controversial comments at home, being, well, just boring old Danni.

Guest performances

Michael Buble (pronounced boo-blay, not bubble) was drafted in to coach the contestants this week, and what a nice guy he is, good-looking, and what a voice!

Certainly a welcoming change from the walking anti-drugs morality tale that is Whitney Houston.

Buble gave a fantastic performance, showing us all how big band should be done.

Westlife were also on the bill, showing us why they are the UK's biggest selling act of this decade - boring, average, middle of the road stuff, the sort that teenage girls buy in droves.

The performances

Moving on to the side act in the show, the performers (yes I said it, the side act, for we all know the real protagonist of X-Factor is Simon Cowell, and that's why we love it so).

In general, and to my dismay, they all did rather well; even the twins, John and Edward, singing Ricky Martins’ She Bangs gave a good performance.

Hilarious in fact, what's not to love about giant inflatable dolls adorning the stage?

Stacy Solomon (who I have come to realise is the splitting image of Popeye's girlfriend Olive Oil) and Jamie Archer put in solid performances but didn't quite hit the highs of last week's show.


Archer was forced to sing Angel Of Harlem by U2, after Simon found him lacking in rehearsals.

He was due to sing If I Can Dream by Elvis Presley, but after a poor performance and a huge bust up with Cowell, he had 24 hours to learn the lyrics to his new song.

Louis aptly pointed out: "It was cheating," rightly stating it was not a big band number and he wouldn't have gotten away with that.

The stand out performer of the night was Rachel.

She let it all out with Tina Turner's Proud Mary (rolling down the river), a real big band classic; it was fantastic, her vocals were sensational, even the judges agreed.

Simon 'drips with poison' Cowell struggled to find a negative, mustering a mere: "I don't recognize you".

Olly Murs started the show with a great performance of Bewitched; it was not without his usual crotch shaking, this time bizarrely accompanied by a maniacal laugh.

Lloyd Daniels, however, gave the weakest performance of the night.

Shock result

Miss Frank had given a wonderful rendition of That's Life, which included great vocals and a rap and Danyl Johnson was also great singing A Little Help From My Friends by the Beatles.

But shockingly both were in the bottom two on Sunday’s show.

Both acts pulled out great performances and with the judges tying, it went down to the public vote. Miss Frank went out.

We obviously did not appreciate Gratziella's rapping.


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