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All Star Boxing

by Shari Kelvin

Boxing session at the All Star gym.At All Stars Boxing gym, the punching bags are in full swing, the smell of adrenalin hangs in the air, and loud groans are heard with the distant sound of encouraging music playing in the background.

It is a unique unisex boxing gym which aims at creating a successful boxing squad that could represent the gym at a London, national, or even at the international Olympic Commonwealth level.

The gym has it's own female superstar, Lesley Sackey, who won gold in the 2007 European championship.

In the space between the boxing ring and the punching bags, men and women stand alongside each other for their training.

In a flowing rhythm the boxers do push-ups as sweat drains from their backs.

Its popularity is clear as people are quite squashed into the small training space, and an extension would be ideal.

The gym is not grant aided, therefore it is a registered charity that relies on fundraising and the small membership fee to pay. Donations are given and fundraising events take place annually to subsidise the gym.

The next fundraiser for the gym is the 'London Mayor's Cup' and the new WBA Heavyweight Champion of the world, David Haye, will be attending the event on November 20, at Torchester Hall.

The owner Mr Isola Akay has been running the gym for 35 years and was awarded an MBE in 2000 for his services. He has helped to keep many youths in the Westbourne Park area on the right side of the tracks, by getting fit and learning discipline.

Everyone is a star in the eyes of the trainers, and that gives people the confidence to train and achieve their best. This makes each session personal, and different from the bland corporate gyms that are dotted around London.

All Stars Boxing Gym

576 Harrow Road (on the corner of First Avenue),
W10 4NJ

Tel: 020 8960 7724

Check the website for membership prices:




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