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An SU's work is never done

by Richard Wilsher

Protesters at demo 2010, marching against education cuts. Photo by Henry Nicholls.I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to everyone who has supported our campaign so far, this campaign is officially the biggest campaign of SUARTS’ history with nearly 3,000 of you signing up and with over 700 of you joining us on the National Demonstration.

I am now in my fifth year here at UAL, having spent a year doing a foundation at LCC and three at LCF studying Fashion Photography, and this is the most challenging year of all; with cuts being announced across the sector, proposals to increase higher education undergraduate fees to £9,000 and students facing the prospect of cuts to their contact time.

I am with you, we have a fight on our hands to protect our education, and the national demo was not the last round in this fight. There will be a vote in government to decide on how high the fees should be set, and the government will want to push this law through before Christmas.

We at the Students’ Union will be lobbying our local MPs, especially our Liberal Democrat MPs, applying pressure to their unmistakably spongy political standpoint.

If you would like to get involved with us by lobbying your MP then please get in touch with us at:

Charity and Societies

But fighting and campaigning for you isn’t all I do! My daily duties focus on maintaining, promoting and expanding activities and volunteering opportunities at the Students’ Union. This includes such things as overseeing all sports and societies and championing all charitable and voluntary activity.

In the new year we will be unavailing an amazing voluntary opportunity, were we can ‘inspire’ and share our artistic skills with the next generation of creative talents. So if you are an aspiring educator then please let SUARTS know by sending an email to

We now offer more sports and societies than ever at UAL from football to frisbee, life drawing to the Taiwanese Society. I’m always keen to encourage more and more active communities at our university, so if you feel you are not represented by the extracurricular activities that we offer, then I would love to know how we could support you. It is a very simple process to start you own society or start up a sport that we do not already offer.

The Sport and Societies Federation can completely change your university experience, giving you opportunities to stay fit and healthy as well as making loads of new friends that you will cherish for a lifetime and contacts that could open doors professionally. Being involved in the Federation is an opportunity...


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