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Film star McAvoy on set at LCC

by Denise Amend

Picture of James McAvoy taken at the 2011 Toronto Film FestivalThe grounds of London College of Communication (LCC) were transformed into a film set for a week in August when director Eran Creevy shot scenes for his new movie starring James McAvoy.

The BAFTA-nominated British film director filmed part of his action thriller Welcome to the Punch in the college’s backyard and in several areas of the media block.

Gillian Radcliffe, LCC Head of Communications, said that the college became involved by chance when the film’s location manager, Ben Piltz, spotted the area and instantly fell in love with it.

The college received £10,000 for providing its premises and the money has been spent on new equipment to benefit students.

Nine LCC and two London College of Fashion students were given the opportunity to experience the shoot.

Third year BA Film and Television student Joe Eckworth, 21, was tasked with assisting the grip department.

After filming at LCC had finished, Eckworth was asked to continue his work experience until the end of filming, which involved him stewarding on a car chase scene in Canary Wharf.

“Being involved in the shoot was great because I was around a team of professionals and I saw how a huge scale film set operates, as opposed to a student film set,” explained Eckworth.

“The scale of the operation was never short of mind blowing,” he enthused.

For the shoot, the Arts London News newsroom was transformed into the police control centre and the office of BA Journalism Course Director Paul Charman was used as a police commander’s office. Meanwhile, the college’s backyard was used to portray the outside of a hospital.

The film is now in post-production and is set to hit cinemas next year.

The film crew on the set at LCC