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Course rep is just the start

by Benedict Butterworth

Portrait of Benedict Butterworth giving a thumbs up to the camera. [Credit: SUArts]I awoke promptly at 10AM one morning to the following text message from my tutor: “Hi Ben. Can you be the course rep for our unit? There is a meeting this morning. Gary”. A second message followed shortly afterwards, “Good man. It’s just started. You’re late. G”. Clothes were thrown on randomly, socks inside out. I brushed my teeth and ran out of the door. Panting heavily, I was barely ten minutes late.

I would expect nothing less from any other course rep, whether at Chelsea College, as I am, or at LCF in Mare St. We are all volunteering our time for the same reason: to improve our course for ourselves, our peers and freshers-to-be.

My Students’ Union adventures kicked off two years ago at course rep training. I only went for the free t-shirt, but I learnt how to make the most of meetings and how to campaign within one’s course to prove to tutors that the cohort expects certain improvements.

This lead me onto my current role as VP CCW, where I have gained so many new and valuable skills that I am able to use now and benefit from as a student and which definitely will come in handy in the future. Even creative students need to learn to be comfortable interacting with the business world and skills gained here can mark you out from other graduates.

I hope that you too, are involved in the Students’ Union already and if not I urge you to make the most of this opportunity. I am looking forward to meeting you around campus or in meetings.


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