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Pen and paper at the ready!

by Sydney Fleming-Gale


125, Church Street, Stoke Newington, N16 0UHList makers haven, I Love list event

Great venue. Check. Glamorous hostess. Check. Classy cocktails. Check. Plenty of lovely lists. Check.

I Love Lists is a new, one of a kind, social event where fellow list makers can come together and spend a few enjoyable hours listing everything from the comical outcomes of owning a time machine, to their life goals for 2012.

Held monthly at The Baby Bathhouse in Stoke Newington, the obsessive and the organised gather in the intimate and trendy venue that draws an eclectic crowd of London’s young artistic folk.

Upon arrival participants are presented with their very own list-making book that, for all you stationery fans out there, you can keep after the event as a souvenir of your visit. The activities kick off at 8pm with an introduction from the hostess with the mostest, Jess Indeedy – a sassy, self-confessed list lover. Indeedy welcomes all her ‘semi-neurotic’ lovelies to the night’s events, swanning between the tables in a pair of glamorous polka-dot heels to the musical ambience set by her partner, DJ Helix.

Pens at the ready and cocktails on standby, the room falls silent as the first listing challenge begins with: “List your top 10 winter warmers”. A thoughtful tension fills the room but it is soon broken by a buzz of chattering and laughter as people begin to swap their ideas and giggle at the far-fetched answers their peers have come up with.

The listing fun continues for two hours and is broken into sections with gaps for you to ponder over your choices. Each participant has the chance to grab their moment in the spotlight as Indeedy encourages everyone to share an item from their list with the rest of the group. There are even bonus prizes of a free drink for the best answers and penmanship.

Although list–making may sound like a chore, this unlikely activity can provide easy-going social entertainment, much like the drinking games we all fall prey to when among friends. You may even learn a thing or two about your teammates from their answers, such as the way they choose to treat themselves is to “watch an entire week’s worth of Come Dine With Me
in one go”.

Booking in advance is a good idea - and something to add to your lists of things to do – as latecomers are not always guaranteed a table.

I Love Lists costs £3 per person and the next event will be held at 8pm on February 16 and promises to have a post-Valentines Day theme .

  To book tickets or find out about Jess Indeedy’s famous Musical Bingo visit


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